Visual Narrative for Comic Books

BRAND NEW! My drawing course on the Domestika platform is for anyone who enjoys comic books, drawing or writing, and even editing, as I deal with specific elements of comic book narrative in addition to various characteristics of storytelling in general. The course is in English with subtitles in Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, French and Italian. Pay once, watch when and as many times as you want! Check it out here.

Atomic Blonde / The Coldest City

The movie adaptation of The Coldest City written by Antony Johnston, with Charlize Theron, James McAvoy, Sofia Boutella and John Goodman, directed by David Leitch, was a hit! Lorraine Broughton kicked her way through Berlin as secret agents were hot on her heals. Have a look at the blockbusting trailer.

10 Lost Days

Work in Progress. Magic and science coexist at the end of the sixteenth century, before 10 days are eliminated as the calendar changes from the Julian to the Gregorian. Sophya Brahe is called on a journey to save humanity - and the gods. Written and illustrated by Sam Hart.

Grace O'Malley

Incredible adventure on the high seas in the true story of Ireland's Pirate Queen, contemporary to Queen Elizabeth I. Written by Tony Lee, art by Sam Hart, colours by Tarsis Cruz, from Walker Books (UK) and Candlewick Press (US).

Joan of Arc

A young woman with an unflinching faith, prepared to risk everything in the battle for freedom and independence. Written by Tony Lee, art and colours by Sam Hart, published by Walker Books (UK) and Candlewick Press (US).


6 short stories, factional and fictional, from the medieval ages to the far flung future. Dragonhunters, Crusaders, North-American Natives, Pilots from World Wars I and II, Ninja Freedom Fighters. Written by Sam Hart, Roberto Navarro and Nick Locking, with art by Sam Hart.

Sketchbooks 2016 / 2018/ 2020 + Custom Vol. 1 and 2

Each bienal sketchbook has 48 pages of personal studies, comic pages in pencil and ink, sketches, illustration step-by-steps and a 16-page full-colour section, while each Custom Sketchbook covers 30+ years of sketches, doodles, anatomy studies and pro work.

Mega Ultra

A Brazilian Superhero battles a power-hungry nuclear-powered villain in the Amazon jungle, and two comicbook authors struggle to have their stories taken to the big screen. Story by Sam Hart with Cadu Simões, art by Sam Hart, colours by Flavio Costa, cover by Sam Hart and the legendary John Higgins.